Barry & Ricks pup Aug 2016

Hi Liz and Larry,

Thank you so much for bringing us Shelby and for your professional and
outstanding service.  We couldn¹t recommend you highly enough. We¹ve had
Shelby for just over two weeks now.  She has been perfect.  The first
evening she woke every two hours, 2nd night once and has slept through
every night since.  She ate very well.  I needed to rush to the
supermarket to pick up all the ingredients to cook her chicken meatloaf.
I think we¹ve mastered the recipe well. We have introduced some Advance
Puppy food slowly and she has adjusted well. Although we will keep feeding
her chicken loaf with the suggested additives of egg, chicken hearts etc.
We had her vet checked in the first week.  We know our vet well and she
said Shelby was in the best health and condition.  She said it had been a
long time since she¹d seen such a healthy and well presented puppy.  The
vet and nursing staff also commented on how fantastic your information
book was.  They all wished every puppy or dog would come with such a pack.
We have referred a few people on to Billabong Creek.  Everyone loves
Shelby.  Hope you are both well and again a big Thank You!!

Barry Van Weeghel
Macedon Ranges Satellite VCAL
Campus Manager 

Rubinska the Cavoodle

Hello there,
Liz and Larry asked me to personally write a testimonial to you.
Firstly, my partner Ashlee and I, embarked on detailed research prior to purchasing Ruby (Freah's pup litter from March 2013). Billabong Creek Farm were the best and most caring breeders we had come across. The term 'you pay for what you get' is ideal here.
Ruby aka Rubinska (due to my Polish background) entered our lives last year in May. As an established gay couple of 5 years with the love for animals, we both wanted a dog for many years. We even purchased an apartment in St Kilda East with a court yard, purely and simply because we knew deep down in our hearts we wanted a dog. Ruby a female ruby coloured cavoodle is the most amazing addition to our family.
I have attached some photos for you.
Now, with any pet, there comes responsibility and understanding.
1) Cavoodles are loyal but also demand attention - a daily walk and night time cuddles will suffice
2) Training - Cavoodles are smart. I would recommend taking your pup to initial lessons at the local vet. This will also mean, your pup will have a positive reaction to going to the vet in later years.
3) Great off lead - we have trained our Ruby to walk off lead at the park - she is only 1yrs old.
4) Cute - let's face it, cavoodles are cute even when they age. She brings happiness to my heart every day.
5) Sociable - you can take them anywhere - cafe's, friends houses, family houses, holiday houses etc....
If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards,

Ralph Jackson

Hi Liz & Larry, 
Russell and I bought Ralph from you back in June and he's been absolutely wonderful as a family member and companion. Everyone that meets Ralph says that he is so full of personality and character and he really is. He was one of Lisa and Alfred's pups and we think he's just gorgeous. He's obedient and loves being by our side all the time! Russell and I can't help but spoil him because he's such a good dog. He loves going up to my mum's to play with her dog and up to the farm in Garfield to run around in the paddocks. In the car he's great - within a few minutes he falls asleep and then wakes up when we get to our destination! We couldn't have asked for more! He loves to snuggle even tries to share the pillows by trying to nudge his head onto it! Thanks to you both for all your advice and great service! 
Kate and Russell (very happy spoodle owners) 
LINAK Australia 
Hallam, VIC 3803


Dear Liz and Larry,
I don’t think there are words brilliant enough to describe what a truly magical week we have had with our new puppy.  She is beautiful, adorable, funny, smart, obedient and super friendly.   But you’ve heard all that before no doubt.  What I would like to say is what a wonderful job you have done as breeders. 
When we visited a month ago, we were impressed by the fact that all the dogs wagged their tails furiously at the sight of you, Larry.  This told us immediately that they were all loved, handled with warmth and kindness and well cared for.  Our new puppy Tarli is testament to that.  All the books say to make sure your new puppy is relaxed.  Well, our little girl is completely at ease with humans and so relaxed she is like a bit of spaghetti!  I’m sure her friendliness with humans is the result of loving handling by yourselves as she has no fears or hang-ups about anything.  She knows what to do when we put her outside on the grass and that, too, is because of your putting the pups outside at an early age.   She has met my son’s spoodle and again had no fear.
Tarli appears to be a very quick learner and in four days she has learnt the meaning of the word “bed”.  She plays happily by herself with her toys for long periods of time, she can use the doggy door (although she is not yet sure what it’s for), she plays fetch and retrieve with a tennis ball, and, of course, chews everything.  She is very healthy and “full of beans”.  She is eating well with the recipe you provided and sleeps well.  I think she has grown an inch or more since we got her!  Your tip about car travelling by putting her between our feet on the front passenger side, on a mat, proved to be a winner.  We have kept that up and she already knows that when we put her in the car, on the mat, she is to go to sleep and just puts her head down.  No trouble at all.
She is just the most beautiful thing to come into our lives for years.   Thank you both for raising such a relaxed and socialised little puppy.   We will keep in touch and let you know how she is going and send a photo for your web page.   If anyone wants a recommendation of your breeding skills, please give them our phone number.  We are delighted to have met you both and would recommend you highly to others.
Many thanks,
Judi and Phil Thomson  www.powerthomson.com
Canberra.  2nd Oct 2009

Shona Lee

Hi Liz and Larry, 
Just a thank you for giving me a second bundle of love... I have named him "Lockie". Lockie has fitted into my little family as if he has always been a part of it. Leo was very curious at the start but they quickly become great friends and inseparable. Leo is very protective of him, well they are brothers (Leo's parents Alfred & Spring, Lockie's parents: Alfred & Lily). 
Leo is now 14mths old and Lockie is coming up for 7mths, Lockie is smaller than what Leo was at the same age but makes up for it in personality hehehe, so I now have two gorgeous big personalities in the house and loving every moment. I am so happy that I made the decision to get another and I know Leo is too. 
I have to say Leo has come along way with his tricks, he can do the normal sit, drop and paw but he has advanced to High Fives, High Tens, Roll over and he now knows how to 'Pray'. Lockie is on his way too. 
I have sent you a couple of photos for you to see how close they have become. 
Thank you again for my two very cute, very smart bundles of joy. 


Hi Liz, 
Just a thank you for giving my daughter a bundle of love... Brie has named her "Bella" meaning white and beautiful. Bella has fitted into our family unit as if she has always been a part of it. The exception maybe being our cat... especially in the morning, that tail just looks so inviting. Bella has matured so much, it's hard to think she has only been with us a week. Thank you again for bringing up a adorable pup and for the kindness in which her purchase was managed, very professional. 
The whole family thanks you, 
Kim Turnbull


Dear Liz and Larry, 
We thought you might like some photos of Ralph he turned 1 on the 2nd of 
April and has been an absolute joy to have around. 
Recently we went on holidays and had to use a kennel, the lady running 
the kennel at Beds for Tails in Bittern was so impressed with him she 
used him as her meet and greet dog. He is so easy to get along with and 
friendly to everyone and every dog. 
Thanks once again for Ralph 
Peter & Kerrie


Dear Liz and Larry, 
We thought you'd like to know that Tux ( Tuxedo ) is healthy and happy and having a great time being one of the family. Here are 4 pics of her as shes grown up. 
She's become a fine sailor as you can see in photo #4, and has an interesting life and enjoys travelling out of Sydney with us ( loves the beach, enjoyed a Clydsdale farm near Melbourne, and a sheep farm near Cooma ) She loves swimming at the park, having showers with us! and chewing stuff, and is known as the "black bullet" at the dog park- very speedy on those little legs! 
She's cuddled nonstop by the kids and is beautifully patient with them. We love her to bits! 
Regards, Kate, Jon, Isabella, and Kristjan


Hi again Liz & Larry, I have just thrown in these 2 pics of Jester with friends that have been over at my place. Everyone that comes here, seems to have an overwhelming desire to pick her up, as she is so cuddly. These photos show her true personality. Whenever she's held she completely trusts whoever is holding her, and goes all floppy. We call this her "Teddy impersonation". She absoloutely loves to be cuddled and be the centre of attention. We would be very happy for her to be the "Pet of the month" on your website. You don't need to use these pics with the people in them, they were mainly just to show YOU her humerous side, though, if you would like to add them on, I'm sure my friends wouldn't mind. I just thought Jester's expressions were good in these shots. Thank you for your last reply, and I'll keep you posted on her antics from time to time. 
Take care Alison


Dear Liz and Larry 
I just thought I would send you a picture of our dog "Mink" that we got from you in May 2002. Her mother was Ruby and her dad Alfred. She is an absolutely gorgeous dog, and we are so glad that we got her from you and we don't know what we ever did without her!!!! She is now 14 months old. She loves water, and loves going to the beach - the first time we took her, she was so happy and excited, a man came along and said, "That dog should be in the movies"!!! The picture below is when she was Pet of the Week at the Yarraville pet store.
Thankyou both again, she is an absolute joy. 
Marlo Clements and Paul Flanagan


Hi guys, 
In July 2002 we bought our first puppy from you, "SKUBEN" is now 11th months old & we have never come across a more fun, loving, energetic & friendly pup. We gave him private lesson with Linda Vaughen ("Absolutely Fabulous Dog Trainer") & he responded so well to it. We can send you an up to date photo if you would like. 
He is a black spoodle, he was one of 8 pups (I think) 4 black & six golden. I was wondering if you could tell us the name of his parents. His mum was a black pure cocker & his dad a golden pure mini poodle. (A real flirt apparently) I would really love it if you could email me a photo of his parents, it would be really nice to have. I have recommended you to a few people that will be ready to buy a pup soon, as I found your service & quality of spoodles brilliant. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon 
Regards Jessica Sanders


Hi Liz & Larry, 
How are you all? We are fit and well and utterly in love with Bertie (and each other!) She's just wonderful. The most gorgeous temperament, and smart as ... in fact, we're worried she's smarter than us! I've been taking her to puppy obedience class and she is, without a doubt, the star of the show. Actually, she already knew most of the commands before we even got there. I'm so glad that we chose Bertie the way we did, and waited for her and were prepared when she arrived. You are, indeed, breeding great dogs - the combination is terrific. She's funny too ... and definitely has 'a bit of the devil in her' Larry. And she has what we call her 'spaniel moments' of madness. We're a great little team now. She's never far from us. Doesn't wander .. we can, and often do, walk her without a lead. She's the best dog I've ever had. 
Bye for now. 
Love Michele, John & Bertie (and Ginger, the cat ... they get on like a house on fire!)