Coco and Stanley Cure

Dear Liz and Larry


Coco and Stanley are now living in Tasmania after we moved at the beginning of 2015. They are intelligent and affectionate as well as beautiful dogs. You will recall we came to visit you to inspect your property before getting Coco (8-3-14). She was Viola’s only puppy to Sammi. We were so impressed with the conditions and cleanliness and your compliance with regulations. We then we found Coco to be so delightful we came back for Stanley (16-7-14) who was Azzie’s puppy with Nimrod. They are inseparable provide so much joy to our family. We hope you enjoy these photos and thank you for such beautiful dogs!


Sharon Cure & Family


Ted & Lucy

I have sent a few photos to keep you updated on Ted and Lucy. Needless to say they are much loved and pampered!
Ted (black spoodle) turned 3 in November 2014 and Lucy (cavoodle) is about 8 months old.
I simply can’t imagine the house without them. Ted has adjusted well to having a new friend - the best decision to get another puppy. They are completely inseparable!
I have never had a health issue with either of them, and I put that largely down to their breeding and their environment before they came to be 
part of our family. There are so many awful stories out there…
Anyway I hope you are both well…and not working too hard. I am always recommending you to people who are interested in ‘oodles’..


Larry's Note: we always work too hard, I see they are connected just in the pic's looking the same direction, Dogs love dogs too!!!

Spoodle Anouk

Hi Liz and Larry,
Hope all is well at Billabong Creek. Just wanted to update you with some photos of our gorgeous spoodle Anouk...We fell in love the moment we met this beautiful puppy. Anouk is mischievous, full of adventure, loving, happy, demanding and inquisitive...all of which we love!! Leon calls her a "chick magnet", wherever we go people stop us to admire her. She has doubled in size since we picked her up on the 7th of June, she has an excellent appetite and is full of life. Thank you for breeding such beautifully natured, loving dogs...we just adore her. Leon wants another one!!
Warm regards,
Tania and Leon :)

Tippy the Schnoodle

Tips is a “Billabong Baby”  a Miniature Schnoodle, Mum is Chanella a gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer & Dad is Sammy the Great, a Miniature Poodle. She is smart, gorgeous & has great spirit. As you can see in the photos she loves to go to the surf with her Dad & romp on the beach. She is happy to loll around on the jetty while we have a fish, or stand on the bow of the tinny cruising the river. Tips is a very social little dog & fits in with whatever we are doing & will also amuse herself. She was the perfect compromise of a dog that we were searching for.  One wanted a Schnauzer & the other a Poodle.
Liz & Larry are great people who just happen to breed fabulous puppies.  We have been asked countless times where we got Tips from & have no hesitation in recommending “Billabong Creek Farm.”
Consequently through our association with Liz & Larry we have become good mates & welcome them back to our home anytime they wish to drop in a line or two.
Laurie, Pene & Tips. Bairnsdale.

Larry's Angels

Larry's Angels from Burnie Tasmania
Hi Larry and Liz and Happy New Year from the Osborne family and Theo. I hope all is going well at Billabong.  I read the article in the Australian by Caroline Overton and I thought you guys came up looking pretty good, as you are anyway.
I hope you liked the Larry's Angels photo I sent you for Christmas. I thought it was hilarious how our friends and us,  all have puppies the same colour as their owners hair!!!! Blonde, black and red!
I thought an update about our beautiful puppy was way overdue.  Theo is now 8 months old and doing really well. He is 5.6kg and has his Dad's(Redman) long legs and his Mum's (Bixie) cute face. He has graduated from Puppy School, top of his class in the last day assessment. Harri did the training with him and did a great job. Everyone Theo meets falls in love with him.  He is such a cuddley and friendly little dog. Harri and Theo are best mates and our daughter adores him.  She will be going back to Uni next year and she will miss him and he her. His favourite colour is yellow, although his favourite toy is a fluffy blue "Thing" that he adores.  Harri nicknamed the toy Humpy!!! Theo loves running, especially with Harri along the beach or around our bush block.  Theo also loves barking at the wallabies and rabbits. His best friend is Pippin, our friend Anna's Spoodle ( also from you).
Attached are some photos
All the best
Caroline Osborne

Spoodle - Heidi Crouch

Hi Liz and Larry, 

I just wanted to thank you, as have so many other people, for the beautiful dogs you breed.  I was very lucky to get Heidi – dark golden female Spoodle from you last year.  She was born on the 25th of January 2010 – mother being Ginny and Father Sammy.  Liz you told me when she was five days old and we came to see her, that she was a lovely puppy and her coat was beautiful, which it is.  From the time Mum and I picked her up from you in March to this present day – we have had nothing but absolute joy from her.  Reading other people’s testimonials , we all say the same thing.  Heidi is a gentle, pretty, intelligent, fun, cheeky little girl.  She loves other dogs, cats, people, and her toys!!  There is not a mean bone in her body.  I love her cheekiness which I think she gets from her father and her gentle face very much like her mother’s.  When you give her a pat, cupping your hands over her nose, her eyes, to her ears, she just loves it and gives you this beautiful look (exactly like Ginny does Liz when you would pat her!).  She is easy to train.  She loves the car and the beach.  She is very well socialized and has lots of friends at the local park.  I cannot tell you how many people have stopped me since having Heidi to ask all about her and where she came from.  So there have certainly been a lot of people Liz and Larry who have come via Heidi’s help!!!  Not that you need it mind you!  Once again,  thank you Liz and Larry for our beautiful dog.  She is a very important part of our lives and is a lovely company. 

Karen Crouch
Practice Manager / PA


Louie the Cavoodle

Hi Liz and Larry,

It has been 14 months since we picked up Louie, our lovely brindle color cavoodle back in February 2011. Our daughter  has been pestering us to send you some pictures of Louie as there are not many cavoodles on your oodles gallery.  We just want to say that Louie has been such a joy and has the most lovely and gentle nature. He is perfect for a young child in primary school. We are so glad we found your website and have never looked back. Since then we have recommended to some friends to look you up as well. A perfect addition to our little family and we cannot  imagine how it was like before we had Louie. Thanks Liz and Larry.

Victor, Shirley and Caitlin.

PS a note from Caitlin:

Thanks for letting us buy Louie. He's been a loving and cute little boy and he also obeys me every time I say sit! I love Louie. From Caitlin.


Spoodle Elsie

Hi Liz and Larry,

We thought you might like an update and a couple of photos of our gorgeous Spoodle girl Elsie. We bought Elsie from you in May 2012, she was one of Ivy's March 2012 litter. She is an absolute delight. Just one of the sweetest natured dogs I've ever met. She's smart, funny, cheeky and full of energy, has just completed advanced level obedience and has now started training for Rally O. She's also got a beautiful soft coat, just lovely to snuggle up to on these cold Canberra evenings.

Thank you for such a beautiful little dog.

Liz and Fred Burman

Roan Spoodle Pepper

Hi Liz & Larry, 

We bought Pepper from you back in February 2011 and she has been the most wonderful addition to our family.  She was from Viola's first litter and Sammy is her dad.  We couldn't have wished for a better temperament in a dog, she is affectionate, cheeky and intelligent and altogether irresistible.  She's a very independent little pup, equally happy to spend time on her own or time with the family.  She is a fantastic friend for our kids who just adore her.  People are always commenting on how lovely she is with her unique colouring.  After a lot of research before picking a puppy, we are so pleased to have found Billabong Creek Farm and would recommend them to anyone.  We have attached a couple of recent photos of Pepper at 9 months old. 

All the best,

Kind regards Jo & John 

Spoodle Abbey

Hi Larry & Liz,

Just wanted to send you some photos to put in your website gallery of our VERY much loved 5th member of our family "Abbey".  It took us 20 years to finally make a decision to get a dog and after 4-1/2 years of Abbey joining our family we cannot imagine life without her and wonder why we waited so long.  As you can see in these photos our girls love dressing Abbey up and she just goes with the flow. We love the way she tilts her head from side to side when you talk to her, it's like she is really listening to you.

Thanks Larry and Liz for giving us the most beautiful dog who we absolutely love her to bits.

Black & Tan Spoodle "Winnie"

Dear Liz, Larry and Jo,

We promised to send photos of Winnie (Rae and Sammy's black and tan pup)when she had grown up.  Well, here she is, 10 months old!  She has been an absolute delight.  Not only is she gorgeous looking (she always gets comments about those eyebrows) but she has a lovely nature - she loves people and other dogs.  She is very playful and loves to play with her toys and she can be so funny to watch.  She also loves walks and going to the dog park. We started training early and went to puppy school and have progressed to dog obedience classes where she is now in Advanced.  She has been a very quick learner and eager to please (as well as very food motivated!). And what a fantastic car traveller!! She settles down and goes to sleep, every time.  We are so glad we decided to bring Winnie into the family and we can't thank you enough for the obvious care and attention you pay to breeding lovely dogs. Kind regards Ruth and Andrew

Spoodle - Billy Jean Collyer

Larry and Liz, 

Our “Billy” was one of those special animals that only come along every now and then. Her happy face and wagging tail greeted us every morning, Everyone who came to our house, loved her, even people who weren’t dog lovers, ended up loving her. In fact she was responsible for at least 4 of our friends getting spoodles, although none of them came close to her. It is a credit to you, Larry and Liz, for your excellent breeding, and loving nature these dogs have. We only got her, because a friend of mines brother had bought Billy’s half sister from you, and I immediately fell for her. While my wife wanted a smaller type dog, when Billy turned up six years ago, as an eight week old pup, she had no idea what size she would grow up to, but she was the perfect size .     It was perhaps her eyes that made her human to us. She was a delight to have been one of our family, sadly she passed away this February, from eating the seeds of a Cycad. They are extremely poisonous, so please be very care full to keep your dogs away from them.  We loved her very much and she is sadly missed.

All the best to you, Kind regards Mark, Elena, Olly and Gabriel.  

Breeders note: do you have this in your garden if you do and you have an animal you should remove this plant, check this link for plant description. 

Spoodle Paddington

Dear Liz and Larry
This email is looooong overdue. Our little girl, Paddington is 1 year and 2 months old now, which means we have been wanting to send you thanks for the best 'gift' we have ever had in the world for over a year now. We also wanted to send you some photos so you could see what a gorgeous Spoodle she has grown into (you still have a picture of her on your puppy gallery, although you may not recognise her now!) - people stop us everyday to ask about her and we think she is the most beautiful puppy. We have actually been lucky enough to meet 2 other Billabong Creek Farm spoodles in our area and they are undoubtedly the prettiest and happiest spoodles. 
Paddi has a wonderful bubbly, energetic and confident personality and it is not possible to fully describe how much light, fun and smiles she has brought to us. She has truly made a house a home and we could not imagine being without her. Thank you for making it possible to have this bundle of joy in our lives!! 
Warm regards
Kate & Stephen Robertson, Sydney NSW

Spoodle "Tazz"

Tazz a Spoodle, we think that the black and white colour suits him we also have lemon and white and white which we think is just devine. 

You can see the change in the coat as tazz has grown

Tarli the Spoodle

Dear Liz and Larry,

Our beautiful Tarli has just celebrated her first birthday.  She occupies such a big place in our hearts and lives that I cannot imagine life without her.   She is spoilt rotten living here on a farm and holidaying with us at our beach cottage.  She loves ball games on the beach in the summer and in the winter loves to get under the doona on our bed.  Tarli has her own toys and plays games with them constantly yet she has never destroyed anything.  Tarli to us is the perfect companion – loving, cuddly, loyal, obedient and fun.   She travels well (thanks to your initial advice) and is happy and contented.  Thank you both so much for our little “bundle of joy”, who looks just like her mother Tilly.

Many thanks, Judi & Phil Thomson, Canberra.

Toy Cavoodle "Rory"

Hi Liz, Larry & Jo,

I just wanted to give you an update on "Rory" our red cavoodle that we picked up from you on 25 January 2010.

He has more than settled into our life and we can't imagine that we could have ever been without him.  I wanted to say thank you so much for all your help in bringing up the most delightful pup imaginable.  Rory is very intelligent and just so lovable.  He gets well looked after by myself and my two boys who adore him.  I must admit I adore him too and snuggling up together on the lounge at the end of a long day is a treat that I enjoy very much.

So thank you again for all your help and advice with Rory.  It has certainly been a wonderful experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending Billabong Creek Farm to anyone interested in buying a wonderful family pet.

With best regards,
Jodie Norton (& Rory !)

Golden Archie & Spoodle Friends

Dear Larry and Liz,

Time flies but I wanted to let you know how wonderfully I am getting along.
I am Archie and was born on 12th March 2009 with an ID Chip of 956000001896339. I left your home on 7th May 2009 and I guess life has been great. I spend half my time in Warragul and can be seen often having latte’s in the shopping centre. On weekends I get to go to Middle Park and again chill out with latte’s at Albert Park.
My temperament is perfect for all lifestyles. In fact I have been described by many as a chick magnet. My new Mum and Dad are getting old at 60 but they have time to spend with me nearly 24 hours a day. I travel with them to the beach as well as round up cattle for Dad near Warragul. I get to play with their 3 grand children who love me.
If you’d like to add me to your brag book, please feel welcome. My master Ian says he is happy to provide a reference at any time and can be phoned on 0408 310 642
Archibald Hugo Sowerby commonly called Archie
Ian and Heather Sowerby
(Archie and Cousins from Billabong Creek)

Spoodle "Desmo"

Hi Liz and Larry,

Just wanted to give you an update on Desmo, our spoodle, who we picked up in May. Desmo was born in March in Buffy's litter. He is now a big boy, 12kg and happy ever since we picked him up. He is a lovely dog, hasn't stoped waging his tail since we first saw him. Enjoys being around us and absolutely hates to be alone. He likes to sleep outside in his kennel as it gets a bit too warm in the house for him. Desmo is going to have his  first haircut on Tuesday.

We go for big walks and runs in the park almost every day and keep meeting other dogs, and there are a lot of spoodles around in our estate too. People just love them for their wonderful nature.

Best regards,

Spoodle "Kespa"

Hi Liz and Larry,

We wanted to thank you for our puppy Kespa (Winter's litter born 3/9/08). Kespa is a delightful puppy who falls in love with just about every person she meets, particularly kids. She is showing all of the traits that attracted us to spoodles originally - she is easy to train, loves people, loves walking, doesn't shed any hair and has a very good nature. Kespa also has an incredible self cleaning coat - we will see her in the morning with legs covered in dirt (after 'gardening') and then an hour later the dirt will have fallen off and her legs will be completely clean again.

Thanks again for our beautiful puppy. 

Louise and Aidan


Spoodle "Ashley"

Hi Liz and Larry, 

My sisters bought me a puppy from you for a birthday present back in march this year and I though I would send few photos to show you what ashleigh is like now. She is absolutely beautiful , and very clever, just the other day when she knew that it was time for her to go outside for the day she hid under a bed right at the very back and it took us over twenty minutes to find her. She is very friendly and loves cuddles. 
Thank you so much 

Sincerely, Jenny 

Ashleys mum and dad are "Cottontail and Phillip."

Cavoodle "Lexi"

Hi Liz and Larry,

We would like to thankyou for our wonderfull puppy Lexi, she loves people and she is a joy to be with. We take her walking on the beach twice a day and she loves it. Thanks Liz again.

Scott & janine 
Gold Coast


Spoodle "Ruby"

Hi Liz and Larry,

Just thought I would send you some photos of our little "Ruby" - she was from Summer's litter (born 1st September 08) and you boarded her for us while we went off and got married.

She is such a special little girl with so much personality. She has slotted into our family perfectly without any hassles, the children adore her.. Ruby is already 6.7kgs at 5 months of age.
We have met some of your previous pups down on our beach they all bought their dogs from you about 5-6 years ago and they are just gorgeous too!
Kind Regards
Meredith and Andrew Tomlinson

Spoodle "Fizz"

Hi Liz,

We got Fizz from you about three and a bit years ago, he has been responsible for a number of our friends getting spoodles as well. He is a real joy, makes us laugh and the girls (Lee & Jenna) get lots and lots of cuddles from him.

He has grown up with Amos (cream Burmese) and they wrestle and chase each other all the time before finally settling down together for a nap.

When we has them both desexed the Vet put them both in the recovery cage together as they are so close and miss each other at times. 

Cheers. John


Cavoodle "Muffin"

Hello Liz & Larry,

I think it is hight time I let you two know how thrilled we are with our little girl we received from you last year, I know I put you through the ropes, with all my insecurities and just want to let you know she is a wonderful part of our lives. We also have a Springer spaniel and they are the very best of friends. I cannot thank you enough. I hope this also finds you both well. 

Kind Regards, Annette & Max Deverell (Tassie)

We have recently stayed with Max & Annie in Strahan and had a great time.


Tibbi the White Spoodle with golden ears. Parents are Mopsy and Phillip

These photos were sent to us from the Newton family of "Tibby". Tibby is from Mopsy and Phillip here at Billabong Farm. She has a lovely soft coat and very pretty face dont you think. We are pleased that the Newtons will add another addition to their Spoodle family shortly with another pup from us so Tibby will have a playmate...


Dear Liz and Larry, 
We thought you'd like to know that Tux ( Tuxedo ) is healthy and happy and having a great time being one of the family. Here are 4 pics of her as shes grown up. 
She's become a fine sailor as you can see in photo #4, and has an interesting life and enjoys travelling out of Sydney with us ( loves the beach, enjoyed a Clydsdale farm near Melbourne, and a sheep farm near Cooma ) She loves swimming at the park, having showers with us! and chewing stuff, and is known as the "black bullet" at the dog park- very speedy on those little legs! 
She's cuddled nonstop by the kids and is beautifully patient with them. We love her to bits! 
Regards, Kate, Jon, Isabella, and Kristjan


Jester belongs to the Archibold family from Canberra. She does tricks and of course, can pose for the camera too. Her beautiful temperament makes her a delight to have.

Bertie the Spoodle

This is Bertie. 

Can you see the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle in Bertie. He can do tricks and is a wonder dog.

Schnoodle Millie


I just wanted to say how thrilled we are with our puppy we bought from you in May 2013 , a tri coloured schnoodle (Chanella and Sammy).

We often get stopped when out walking for people to comment that she is such a beautiful looking dog. Many friends, especially those with dogs themselves, are impressed with how calm her temperament and personality is. Millie has become a much loved member of our family despite the fact that she can be a bit naughty!

Two photos of Millie: one is shaggy winter Millie and second one is Millie with the full Schnauzer cut.

Keep up the great work.
Kind Regards,