Prime Minister Julia Gillards Cavoodle Reuben.

Billabong Creek Kennels is extremely proud to Breed Australia's First Cavoodle in the Big House, Our First man and what a top bloke he is, Tim Matherson with his 50th birthday present for his partner Julia Gillard  Australia's First Female Prime Minister. with son Kane Matherson collecting "Reuben" with Larry, Liz, Jo &  Max Seear at Billabong Creek Farm.

We are pretty sure Rueben is much loved, but you can always ask them on social media what you think of his breeding.

Larry's note: Great images of Reuben a Celebrity Dog for sure, J G. Thank you for your support.  We understand that pressure was applied for you to get a rescue dog bred under a house with no health clearances, supporting illegal breeding.  Thank you for purchasing from a regulated Government registered breeder. World best Practice for dog breeding in Victoria now applies.

Billabong Creek Farms "Make-A-Wish" Donation

Hi Larry,

Thank you once again for your generosity and kindness.

The family, especially Caitlin of course, were absolutely over the moon when they received their new puppy.  The photos are just lovely. Thank you for sending them through.

Warmest wishes,

Julia Torkos
Wish Services Co-ordinator       
Make-A-Wish® Australia

Larry's note:  Life is full of hurt! a dogs love is pure and forever

The Australian

Billabong Creek Farm has a peerless reputation for quality pups. Some of their dogs now work with Police as companion animals. Others are in TV commercials.

If Billabong Creek Farm is a puppy mill, all pups should be so lucky: it has rolling hills, shade cloths and puppy ponds. There are lowing cows, hungry goats to keep the grass down, and two sleek Burmese cats winding their way through the potted geraniums.

Quincy J Baddock

Your Name: Carol Baddock
Phone Number: *****
Email Address: carol********
Comments: We collected our beautiful Spoodle Quincy Jones on February 4th 2006 (born 9th Dec 2005) of parents Sami and Sissy.  He is black and beautiful and still like a puppy at 9 years old. He spent his first 4 years in the Yarra Valley but has now been living in France for the past 5 years and simply loves it. He dines in the best restaurants, sits in all the cafes and goes simply everywhere with us.  Consequently he doesn't really think he's a dog, he loves to be a eye level with everyone.  He literally skips up the little cobblestone road off the  lead and greets everyone.  We have met so many people because he looks so cute and is so friendly. He is so well behaved off the lead,  he's intelligent understanding so many commands and is such a tactile loving companion.  We have had him admired from Barcelona to North of Holland, people asking what breed he is and wanting to take a photo of him.  We just wanted to let all those new owners of your puppies to know what joy and happiness they will experience not only in the puppy stage but even more and more as they get older and more loveable.     Carol & Andrew, France

Billi & Chester

Hi Liz and Larry,

Thought it was about time  we sent you photos of 2 of your BB babies: Billi, our female spoodle from Daphne's first litter now aged almost 3 and Chester, our toy cavoodle from Jaque's litter of 3 who is almost 12 months old.  As you can see both dogs are absolutely beautiful as well as very intelligent.  Billi is gentle, sensitive and the smartest dog I have ever known.  She loves people and has just won her 2 novice state agility and jumping titles from competing in just 3 trials (it can take dogs years to get their novice title) and she has now moved up into the "excellent"  category.  Our beautiful, laid back Chester can already run "masters" agility tracks but is too young to officially compete until  April.  He is on his way to becoming a little champion!  Both dogs have beautiful coats which are non shedding and we have them clipped every 2-3 months.  Neither dog has been destructive - I just need to tell them "no" once and that is usually all it takes.  They both need a lot of exercise - at least 2 runs a day off leash and their favourite place is the beach.  I'm hoping to get Billi registered as a therapy dog to visit people in aged care homes and children in hospital such is her gentle nature, intelligence and love of people. No doubt Chester will follow suit when he is older.  People considering buying these dogs should be advised that they are not the type of dog to relegate to the back yard as they are too intelligent and social and would be miserable in that sort of situation.  They need to be included as part of the family and treat as the intelligent creatures that they are.  If anyone quibbles regarding the cost of these dogs I would like them to know that they are well worth the cost and I would buy another one if my husband would let me but he reckons that he's already far enough down the pecking order ladder as it is!!!!

Regards Suzanne and Rob, Geraldton, WA

The "Pet Loo" Spoodles

Hi I'm writing on behalf of Tobi and Simone Skovron who purchased their Spoodles, Subii and Coopa, from you a few years back.

Tobi, Simone and the dogs thought you might appreciate an update on the pet product that Subii and Coopa inspired: The Pet Loo - they have mentioned you in their latest online blog:
These jet-setting pooches have moved over to LA, and have been featured in magazines, newspapers and television, both here in Australia and in the US - one of these television programs aired in the US recently:

The Pet Loo Team
On behalf of Tobi and Simone Skovron

"Teddy" Tasmania's Police Spoodle

Hi Larry & Liz,

Since Teddy's arrival we have been so busy.  We are absolutely in love with Teddy. I could not have wished for a more  perfect dog. He had big shoes to fill after the death of Scruff and Maggi  (especially Scruff due to his police work) and he has certainly done that and more!

We have done so much in a short period of time:

  • Handed over a $5000 cheque to the Childrens Wards at the local hospitals 
  • Many visits to school, daily sports class, went to watch the kids today
  • Visits to Eliza Purton Home for The Aged (almost every weekend)
  • Now an official police doggie - Commissioner gazetted him as our Public Relations release real soon.  He has access to all police buildings, vehicles and the academy. -loves his pram and bike trailer
  • Loves canoeing
  • Rides the scooter with me
  • Loves going water skiing & falls asleep in the speed boat
  • Doesn't mind a swim but gets cold quickly
  • Had our first puppy class lastnight.  Star of the show. Teddy can sit, stay, watch (eye contact), lay down

Everyone who meets Teddy loves him.

Life is wonderful - thank you   :)
Fiona Smith & Family 

Tsunami Spoodle

Lisa and Family now own a Black Spoodle Billabong baby.

Hi there, my family and I are interested in a spoodle. We have just met a cockerpoo from the USA whose life we saved in the tsunami in Samoa. Her name is Ruby. She survived because of her temperament and love of people. She wrapped herself around my husbands neck as we were submerged in the wave. We have decided as a family and because of the healing effects this little dog has had on so many people around us who have been through tragedy that there is no other dog to have.  We think this will be the best tonic for our family. I will ring you when we return to Australia, but if you have a puppy with that beautiful nature that fits our wish list we would love to have her. Many thanks Lisa.

Thanks Liz and Larry, I suppose we still pinch ourselves and think how lucky we are. We are apparently all over the news in our home town and the Channel 7 news team have been here interviewing us, which we find a little surreal... the people here are lovely and I feel for them as they try to build there homes and town. The human loss is the worse and friends here lost their lives... but we are just so thankful to have each other still. I will send you a link with our interviews if you are interested. We sent our son home and we are sorting out our boat with the insurance company. We have been sailing on our sailboat from the USA and were heading back to Australia. Our boat is no longer able to be sailed as she has been badly damaged. 

Here is a link to an article we wrote
Here is the news interview we did, you may like to look at;

Donated Therapy Spoodle


Hi there, 

Here are some pics of Billy!! I will get you some pictures of him with young people shortly and get them too you! 

Billy is a truly amazing dog who has brought so much to not only the young people but the entire Youth Services Team. He is a hit with all the staff's children and his nature lends beautifully to assisting our Youth Counsellor with her clients as well as accompanying staff to local high schools, in particular, two local special needs schools. He is the highlight of many young peoples day, especially those young people with disabilities and has to be one of the most loved and best treated dogs on this planet! 

He is happy enough to have 'sleep overs' with each of the team members and is quite at home anywhere he goes. He has rarely spent a moment alone since Fiona picked him up at the tender age of 8 weeks and was in the office from the very next day. The short amount of time he has on his own is not necessarily a good thing, as he tends to get his nose out of joint if he is not able to come somewhere or if there is no one to stay with him in the office! 

The love and happiness he has given is honestly contagious and we are ever so grateful for your support of the Youth Services. Billy will also be featuring in next weeks local paper for a story on the increased demand of youth counselling so I will also ensure a copy of this article reaches you. 

Thank-you sincerely again, 

Kind Regards, 
Heidi Buhner 
Youth Services - Events 
Manningham YMCA Inc.