Victorian Agriculture Minister with Animal rights extremists from Oscars Flaw and PETA group

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Its a sad day in Victoria when Social media campaigns manage to place extreme bans on dog breeders.

Animal rights Extremist Debra Tranter and five others Shmoosing with Victoria's Agriculture Minister on the Steps of Parliament says it all  !!!

Look out ALL Victorian Farmers, your next with the new Sentient Animal declarations and new Codes of Compliance.

BAN DAN in the Victorian Elections

Dan Andrews is ultimately responsible for this breeder ban, driven by extremists in the animal industry. the Agricultural minister Jaala Pulford is emotionally compromised and should resign, or have a very long holiday as your election in the Ballarat, Castlemaine area is beginning now, to oust you from this great place Jaala, she will be a one term minister as the 80 DAB breeders have dedicated to ensure this..


RSPCA Victoria Chief Liz Walker should resign, Liz Walker needs to go away forever!! and never have influence over our industry again,  she is a total disgrace and a laughing stock in the industry, see her representation in parliament, amateurism at best.

Liz Walker has never been to a Domestic Animal Breeders complex, yes never , really she has never been to a DAB, that is correct, she said this under parliamentary oath.

The catch cry is


Save our state Vote Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Party, next election...this needs to stop

Goverment Inquiry into proposed Puppy Farm Bill

Democracy at work

This bill will fail, as it will be revealed, as another activist attack on freedom 

Terms of Reference

The Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Bill 2016 was self-referenced by the Committee on 25 October 2016:

That, pursuant to Sessional Order 6,

1.     the Economy and Infrastructure Standing Committee undertake an inquiry into the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Bill 2016;

2.     the Committee reports its findings and recommendations to the Legislative Council by 6 December 2016, and

3.     that the inquiry in particular examine the likely effect of the bill on:

a.     existing Victorian dog breeders, and

b.     the availability of both pet and working dogs in the state of Victoria.

3.a  How can this not effect a breeder with a licence over 10 fertile females, We have a 50 dog license some Boys, young dogs, and older dogs, not all are having pups.

Victoria's Agriculture minister Jaala Pulford (with no farming experience, a union delegate) has stated on the ABC that she wants to shut us down in her words "destroy our business model" is this the worst Ag minister in the world maybe she is. the first in the world to make a puppy farm bill.

We will vote you out at the next election, this is war and we are sick and tired of government intrusions into all businesses. and if you are doing this by polling you are wrong again, you cannot poll the outrage of this bill until we vote, think about Brexit think about Trump. 

Dog Breeder Ban

Victorian Dog Ban & Daming report card for the RSPCA Victoria

An independent review of the RSPCA has found that the RSPCA has a conflict of interest between entrenched activism and animal advocacy.

The RSPCA has been found in direct collusion with the most radical animal activist groups, such as Animals Australia, PETA, Oscars Flaw, Using tax payers money to campaign to shut down legally registered businesses and sporting activities is a disgrace

Victorian Agriculture minister Jaala Pulford trusted advisers are RSCPA and Oscar Law, Jaala Pulford is clearly an activist,  pandering to target groups on facebook thinking it will turn into votes, well it will not and she will find that this may be her downfall, if you consider that most country people due to poor internet reception do not engage in this type of social media campaigns and have no idea that this new legislation to restrict registered dog breeders is happening, they will soon, and they will vote against Dan Andrews Socialist Labor Government, eroding farming rights.

RSPCA Victoria CEO Dr Liz Walker should step down immediately, she has been responsible for the vilification of breeding enterprises like ours, a small family business dedicated to breeding the best at world best practice. We need a new board and just like the Greyhound board that was found incompetent and sacked, the RSPCA Victoria board should be dealt with the same.

Foot note: All Vic Dog breeders will be only allowed one fertile female dog and will require a Domestic Animal License, that is impossible to get unless you live on a FARM  and therefore be a puppy farmer due to this narrow view in animal husbandry, as you will need a Council planning permit, these are not given out readily you will need a buffer of 500 meters from a residence, good luck with that.

Ban on 90 Domestic Animal Breeders

Victorian Labour Government proposed Ban on 90 Domestic Animal Breeders

Victoria has 10,000 dog breeders, according to our Agricultural Minister, Jaala Pullford, yet they want to ban the state governments 90 licenced breeders having over 9 dogs.  Victoria's top breeders with facilities that are by the current code of practice and stated by the last Coalition government World Class.  All welfare issues with dog breeding today in Victoria is from the 9,910 Dogs Victoria pure bred breeders, and or illegal urban breeders, breeding 17,000 registered pups plus per year, exempt from regulation,  We have an enforcement issue, councils and the RSPCA have been aware and have turned a blind eye on illegal breeders, as it has substantial costs to look after illegal and hoarders dogs, its all about money.  Based on social media misinformation, and hate speech, and outright lies from Animal Activists campaigners.  The Dan Andrews Government has devised an underhanded plan to deny professional breeders to register new dogs, no support, no inquiry, no compensation, no consultation, just a ban on anyone with a current D.A.B. We have dedicated our lives to breeding the best you can get in the world, yet it seems to be not enough for our New Labour state government.

Not Helping But Killing Small Businesses in Regional Victoria

If you think this is unfair and discriminatory, please write or call your Local M.P. and be a voice for fairness and equity in this State of Victoria YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT THIS ISSUE ON THE 'ABOUT US PAGE' UNDER REGISTERED BREEDERS. . 

Victoria's Labour Government's Socialist Dog Breeder Ban

Daniel Andrews Labor Governments two proposed laws below have roots in Chairman Moa Zedong's ideology, Now famously hated as the leader who banned dogs in China, and the new reverence for the national dog the Chow Chow, saved and smuggled into Hong Kong, a free zone. a lesson for all politicians.

These two measures will bankrupt and destroy, rural families and Businesses in country Victoria.
A 10 dog limit and pet retailer ban will effectively destroy a Multi Million dollar industry currently following World Best Practice.

This will have a effect on Veterinarians, Pet Food Companies, Pet Retailers, Pet Groomers, the whole pet dog industry.

Yet legislating Pet retailers to only sell rescue dogs from unknown locations, and from unknown breeders, from other state's legal or illegal,  breeding puppies in unsuitable and unhygienic conditions, is a backward step in pet management in Australia.

limiting breeders to 10 dogs will in effect create a shortage of pups for Victorians who want a pup, this will encourage breeders from other states to import their pups into Victoria, not raised at world best practice.

The effects of pups coming interstate from non-regulated or enforced regions will create viral and disease vector corridors into our state, causing untold risks to our resident dog populations.

Regional Victorians Businesses are once again being disadvantaged by government intrusion and regulation,  Many small Domestic Animal Breeders are struggling financially after striving to adhere to the last Liberal Government reviews and subsequent COP changes, making Victoria the Worlds Best Practice in Dog Breeding, These COP changes in nursery infrastructure and other changes have proved to be very expensive and time consuming.

Yet we now find that all our exertions and efforts to comply, have been ignored and that the intentions of the current Government is to restrict our trade to the Hobby or Back yard Breeder status.

We believe that the current Government has once again been duped in believing many inaccuracies in over influenced by groups wanting to profit from creating lies and deceptions denigrating our industry, a large proportion of blame can once again like the greyhound industry be linked to the departmental heads who have allowed inhumane and gross behavior to continue without any regulation or examinations of any premise which we now blame on DEPI animal department head for allowing such inaccuracies to go unchallenged in the media.

We challenge the government to prove that registered  Domestic Animal Breeder (DAB) dogs end up in the pound, rescue or put down due to temperament or health issues.   We have Department statistics never disclosed showing a percentage of less than 1 in a thousand of (Registered Domestic Animal Breeders) DAB Dogs are surrendered and you will find these dog are quickly re-homed.  Professional breeders do not sell hunting dogs or inappropriate dogs for pets as they are not in demand.  Professional dog breeders breed dogs that are in demand to service a market.

We believe that the Government has failed to enforce its own legislated code and created a gap in what is legal and what is illegal and given activists a foothold into convincing people now running ministerial portfolios's that the only solution is to just close everyone down, be it illegal ( of which to this day is proving very difficult), and of course ourselves who are compliant, transparent, legal and ethical in our breeding practices.  Its easy to shoot down the most obvious target and leave the hard ones to try and get later on, but its too late then as thousands of dogs and puppies are left waiting in squalor and sickness to be found and cared for properly.
We, the registered REGULATED breeder are not the problem.  We have just seen how deregulation can be corrupted and all ethical standards espoused by the body regulating the industry completely ignored and abused.....Just look at the Greyhound Racing Industry and more recently, Dogs Victoria. Both have appalling records on their members compliance with welfare standards of dogs kept, treated and disposed of.  This Government is so frightened to do anything to the Greyhound Industry that would see it come under a "Mandatory legislated Code of Practice", and lose its Self regulation and guess why ?. Money and lots of it would be lost by the Government sticking its greedy hands in the revenue racing dogs gives out in tax's, royalties and other Government duties garnered through a most profitable addiction, GAMBLING.  If the Government had to oversee the Industry, that would cost money to it, so its quite happy to relegate this task to those three little monkey's....  hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. People who its been proven, flout their own Codes and get financially rewarded for " looking the other way ".  

Another issue arises over this proposed Legislation.   When a Government overseas an Industry and writes and passes Legislation through Parliament that operators of that Industry MUST comply with and then decides to, and lets say for arguments sake if elected in a State election promise to those campaigning to a Government to close down that Industry if they vote for them, win that election,  then pass legislation through Parliament to do just that based on a election promise even though the Legislation is new and cost millions to revise, implement and those operators of that Industry,  accept and spend thousands upgrading and renewing policies, infrastructure and pay thousands more for their licenses as a consequence to their Local Shire just so they can continue to operate in that Industry on their own property, with bank loans to pay and additional costs to the business.  

Wouldn't you think that the Government doing this complete reversal of policy, feel obligated to those operators in that Industry knowing full well that they are destroying that business's viability and livelihood have some discussions with them regarding a little COMPENSATION. ?  No so, with this Government.  They don't seem to want to discuss it and in fact, it hasn't even crossed their minds that they should be compensating those whose lives they are about to destroy.  Its funny as a contrast to this, that the fisherman who fished Port Phillip Bay for their lives, have been given until 2022 to hand in their fishing licenses as the Government is phasing out this type of industry in the Bay due to someone telling tall stories about it being unsustainable.  Those fisherman are fishing in open waters in the Bay and have been for years, All they had to do was get a license to do it.  They did not have to buy portions of the bay in which to fish in, they could use the whole Bay and fish it within the constraints of their Industry "Guidelines",,,, yes a guideline formulated by their own Industry, not the Government Legislated Mandatory Code of Practice, like ours is so again Self regulation wins.

So guess what the Government is doing for the fishermen.... GIVING THEM COMPENSATION for phasing out their livelihoods.  So beginning from April this year, all fishermen holding a license will begin to be compensated for reducing their quotas and handing in their license to the tune of  $350,000.00 and up to 1.6 million dollars each year until 2022.  If they don't hand over their license, this amount will reduce by 10% each year as as incentive to stop earlier than 2022... how generous of them.  The fisherman claim they are entitled to it because they have a boat, and employ deckhands and pay a license....... excuse me, but so do we employ staff, pay a license and have to build and maintain infrastructure so whats the difference.?

Do you think we are being a little over sensitive to this issue and not worry about the next 30 years of our lives without a decent source of income from our years of investment and effort, or do you think we deserve to be compensated seeing as our livelihoods are about to be "phased out" too.   Do you think its fair and equitable that one industry gets a golden handshake and one does not get a cent. ?.    This Government is hell bent on handing out millions of dollars to all sorts of weird and wonderful projects that some " only have to ask" or look like a minority being castigated for being different, but cant even discuss with us our future outlook.  Building new train lines, roads, train stations and subways is great for the city folk as they will use these facilities way more than a Country person would ever,  and to do this will take the homes of hundreds of people along the way which is inevitable when projects of this scale are undertaken, but those people losing their homes are COMPENSATED even though its compulsory acquisition, and have no choice in the matter, but we dont either so it seems, as this legislation is being written and passed through Parliament this year we will not be COMPENSATED.  Is this fair and equitable from a Government that is supposed to be " for the people", Labour has morphed into a completely different animal to what it was supposed to have been formed for and this is not just our view, but many who have been Labour all their lives, can see the new look Government Labour has become and its not something they see as wanting to continue to support.  We too have been lost to this Government and our children and their children.... not that they seem to care really, until its election season, then they are again up for sale...... we wont be buying.

We request transparency with our governing departments, how many DAB's are registered in Victoria how many puppies are bred by these breeders.
They have the data why do they not disclose it why do they continue to allow the denigration of the industry with no media support to refute these outrageous unsubstantiated claims by extremist groups.

The person responsible for this not only has the Department of Primary Industries portfolio, but also the portfolio of Minister for Regional development and just to clear the water on where Domestic animal breeders live,.... its in Regional Victoria.  I can see some anomalies in Regional development and the forced closure of business's run by families living in rural areas and wonder if the Minister can and if so, rationalize and explain how this is looked upon as Regional development.  

Larry M Seear

What is a Domestic Animal Business

It is irresponsible to breed dogs in your suburban back yard at the present moment but unless you are a registered Canine Council member and are showing dogs,   this is permitted.   Only two dogs per household are allowed in suburban back yards in Australia. To have three or more, a permit from the Council must be obtained.  
The difference between Billabong Creek Farm, and a puppy factory, backyard breeder / unregistered breeder is that they don’t have a “domestic animal breeding business permit / license (DAB) or a ’planning permit' and their residence is not zoned for this activity.
Not having a state / council license to conduct a business from their homes for breeding purposes is illegal.  Billabong Creek Farm is opposed to people breeding dogs in their lounge room, bedroom or under the kitchen sink, as this is also illegal and against department of health regulations within their state.  
New laws currently being formulated between government and the RSPCA will prevent backyard breeding by anyone who does not have the relevant permits whether or not they breed one litter a year or more, they will be considered " puppy farmers" and this includes hobby farmers, illegal breeders, breed association members and shelters (if they breed pups from rescue dogs and sell them.)    Quote: definition of a puppy farmer is anyone “in the business" of breeding dogs whether it is for profit or non-profit according to proposed legislation.   The breeding “not for profit" clause has been a big loop-hole with those breeding dogs in towns or allotments and this new law is designed to capture this and seal the loop-hole.  Another definition of a “puppy farm" is where dogs or puppies are bred in SUBSTANDARD CONDITIONS.
Most illegal or unregistered puppy breeders or backyard breeders do breed their pups in substandard conditions because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves by building the appropriate buildings to house the dogs by their local council or neighbor, obtaining the correct permits etc ...  so they use the old wood shed, hay shed or chook house or back room to keep and breed them in... That is substandard conditions and considerd a Puppy Farm.
We here at billabong creek farm have all the relevant licenses, permits, ABN, and purpose built nursery and kennels  already so we are considered  "registered breeders"  in the true context of the definition of what is a registered breeder under the law.
Government will issue licenses to those who adhere to strict codes of practice and desex, microchip and sell their pups directly through the license agreement either privately as we do here, or through pet shops that agree to adhere to the licensing agreements in that they will be prosecuted if they purchase puppies to sell from breeders that do not have a government license.   All pups sold into pet shops or other mediums, would be desexed and micro chipped as well as vaccinated and vet checked by the breeder.
All puppies sold here at billabong creek farm are vet checked vaccinated, microchip and desexed already so we are well ahead of proposed government legislation and we support its administration and implementation.
We here think this is a great step in stamping out illegal breeding and brokering of pups bred in backyards and then sold for cash without any vaccination to brokers who then ONSELL TO PET SHOPS OR THROUGH ADVERTISING MEDIUMS.
We also believe that reducing the amount of dogs in shelters or pounds and being put down as a result of their owners not collecting them or not wanting to pay the fines associated with collecting them is a " social, generational and economical problem" not necessarily a direct result of Breeding Kennels like us breeding pets for sale to the public..  As is currently the campaign of the Oscars Flaw group or PETA or Animal Liberation Victoria, or the numerous rescue groups picking up stray dogs from pounds around the Country.  We strongly dispute their claims that we "registered breeders" are solely responsible for the amount of dogs in pounds or shelters awaiting new homes.   We don’t breed dogs that are the “normal pound or rescue breed or type" here like Pit Bulls, Cattle dog crosses, large breed crosses, or small breeds mixed with three or four crosses and are indistinguishable so we feel we are being given a very bad rap by these organizations in general.
All dogs are required to be registered with their local Council and microchipped and in some Shires, desexed.  Most are household pets, but some are used for breeding to supplement incomes. The product of these matings is sold to the public with little or no information, no health guarantee and no legal obligation to the buyer to support the financial costs if the pup becomes ill or dies. Regardless of the experience of the backyard breeder, they ignore the fact that they are breaking the Law. 
Buying a "cheap" pup does not mean you are saving money but rather taking a gamble that your money will not be lost on the chance the pup could have a fatal illness or grows up with temperament issue inherited by bad breeding forcing you to have it put down or worse, attacking someone. You won't be compensated or have any legal standing toward reimbursement. 
The old saying "Buyer Beware" is very significant when it comes to backyard breeders. 
Other people who have more than two dogs or up to 5 dogs are also considered backyard breeders whether they live in towns or out in the country, because they do not have to obtain a license to have a breeding establishment if the number of dogs they have does not exceed five. You would still face the same dilemma with buying a pup from them without any safeguards. Even a verbal or written guarantee is not binding if the seller is not a registered business. 
Back yard breeders are not as easy a target for radical animal welfare extremists as we are because they fly under the radar so to speak and have the idea that they know all about animal husbandry and can breed dogs in their back room or garage, go off to work for up to 10 hours a day leaving the mother of the pups home alone with the risk of illness or death during labor and not being able to recognize any problems in the puppies health wise, then hand it over to some poor person who wants a pet for their family without any information, no health guarantee, not vaccinated or declare any income to the Taxation department/Centerlink from the proceeds or have a legal business registration. These are the people you should be avoiding for the purchase of your next pet. 
We've all heard of the horrific mauling and deaths of children and adults by dogs totally unsuitable for any urban environments and these people who breed and house them are exactly what our argument is when it comes to irresponsibility by backyard breeders, breeding dogs not supposed to be bred with and blatantly ignoring the Law. 
There are web sites promoting backyard breeding such as Dogzonline by the ANKC by giving space for free advertising and are often patrolled and patronized by unscrupulous people wanting to sell inferior dogs and puppies that they advertise on a very regular basis so how many dogs and puppies are they breeding without a license or permit.?  We don't think the moderators of these sites want to recognize the amount of backyard volume breeders it attracts. Newspapers also perpetuate the problem as well by advertising puppies bred in backyards. 
At least Pet Shops operate as a registered business and under the same codes of practice as we do, and do compensate you if the pup becomes ill or dies under the guarantee's term, but people seem to have an aversion to going to them for a pup because the think they are going to be ripped off. The Pet shop may not try to rip you off, but the person who bred the pups in their backyard can lie and deceive the shop-owner about the breeding of the dog and its health. So why go to a backyard breeder who gives you nothing? 
It is also wise to call the local council in the seller’s area, speak to the animal regulators; these people generally love animals and are very aware of the uncompliant and illegal breeders in their control area. Having said this you really should report to the local council any animal owners, breeders, that you think are not caring for an animal, any animal. 
We run a legitimate business here and are very strictly monitored by our Council and keep our dogs in very good health and living conditions and we are proud of our business and are appalled at the amount of Backyard puppy breeders that are in not only Victoria, but all the other States and by buying a pup from this medium, only encourages them to keep doing it. We are in the process of lobbying our Local Council and Government officials to tighten up their Laws on this practice. Both seem to be arguing between each other as to whose going to enforce it..... But things are changing in this regard now.
Those names like "Puppy Factory" or "Puppy miller" are just names to us that denote some sort of contempt and are derogatory and come from people who are misinformed and ignorant to what and how our business is, and is run.  We actually are a "farm" and we breed dogs on our farm, so we are quite aware that we live on a farm, not in a factory or a millhouse.    All puppies are health guaranteed in writing and come with a lot of information in a puppy pack to help owners with new pups settle in. We provide good after sales service and will take back any pup or older dog from our clients should they have a change in circumstance and not be able to keep their pet. We have a great relationship with our clients with advice on an ongoing basis. Repeat clients are common and a lot of our business is referral type purchases. We are a bit more expensive than backyard breeders and Pet shops, but look at the comparison for peace of mind as we all know how expensive Vets are and the heartache when things go bad. 
This business and our personal selves have been publicly defamed and sent abusive emails by the purebred dog breeders and animal activist groups who operate in Victoria who find crossbred dogs repulsive and unattractive because of their purist, radical attitudes or who have an agenda to wipe out breeders like us here at Billabong Creek Farm.  Their attitudes are not only delusional, ill informed and completely radical, but illegal in that they break into breeding establishments in the middle of the night and terrorize the animals by shining torches and taking well mocked up videos of animals they perceive as being mistreated and plaster them all over their own public sites and seem to assume that we are the same as these other farms.  We admit here that there are some very unscrupulous breeding practices going on out there and they should be exposed, but these radicals seem to believe that we are all the same without any evidence or proof that we mistreat our dogs and are not interested in hearing our point of view..... Very narrow minded.    We will however, continue to breed our "Lovely Oodles" for our many clients who decide they want a crossbreed as a pet, for many years to come. 
We have no qualms about people who choose a purebred dog or a shelter dog..... That is “THEIR CHOICE" but allow those who have also the right to purchase a puppy of THEIR CHOICE" from breeders like us who have rights and all the proper permits etc to sell them a puppy.

Please click onto this link and this will help you narrow down your search for a puppy.  We at Billabong Creek Farm support this document in its current format and agree that your next pet should be purchased from the best breeder you can find.  Having a checklist to go by will help guide you to make the right decision.

Victorian Labor Goverment Dog Ban Averted

Great News from Victoria's Vegan Agriculture & Regional Development Minister who lives in Ballarat a major city in the west. MP Jaala Pulford

(A bit of sarcasm for our socialist labour controllers) 

Today we understand that the Labor Government has allowed dogs to register with a trade union, we are now in negotiations with the trade unions, and dogs will be afforded all rights under the union code,

Under Jaalas Pulfords umbrella of regional development all our staff will be given new careers in center link on a pittance, but she does not care. 

Like workers on a production line, we are able to negotiate an award and then be able to direct money's into the applicable union account so they can funnel it into the Labor Government electoral fund.

We have been given two options the 7/11 option where dogs get 45 cents an hour or the Clean Away option where the union gets 20% of the dogs wages.

This is actual humans on a productions line, to suggest that my breeding mothers are on a production line, reveals the apathy and ignorance of this minister for Agriculture and regional development.


After an extensive report handed to the New South Wales Premier,  Mr. Baird has announced he will ban Greyhound Racing in his State.  Also Canberra has also banned this "sport" claiming its findings to be enough of a reason to do so.  There was a very indepth report tabled and likened to a Royal Commission where people were required to attend and give sworn testimonials as to their knowledge of live bating of native animals and young pigs to  " blood " greyhounds, also greyhounds put down with unethical methods by the hundreds due to their not being competitive enough and also with and sworn claims that trainers were using drugs such as Ice to give their dogs an advantage on the track prior to racing.  So, alot of investigation and time, money went into this enquiry before this decision was made by the Government.  We applaud this type of efficiency in Government and await now to see how it will all be implemented.  There is talk about compensation packages to help those transition from being a full time trainer to other types of livelihoods they want to proceed with after July 1, 2017. Also Government help with rehoming services to be set up to help greyhounds find suitable homes.   Something had to be done to send a message to anyone in this Industry that cruel, illegal and sadistic behaviour towards animals is not sanctioned by Government when it has been proven to be systemic and the only option is to ban it .  There are going to be those who have done the right thing, but the 20% who it has been shown by the report, to have done all the damage are now going to pay the price of not being part of an Industry they love being in their own State, a participant of.  What I see here is a case of the rotten few ruining it for the rest and what choice did the Government have but to just ban everyone just to give all racing greyhounds a chance to live a life they deserve instead of a bullet just because they cannot run fast enough, or their bodies failing to keep up with the stress of a training regime too hard for them.  The amount of greyhounds put down is a disgrace to the Industry and to call them "by product" is nothing short of barbaric. 

Seems that the Victorian Government,  run by Mr. Bean,,,, sorry,  Mr, Andrews does not share the same empathy for the greyhounds or our wildlife and other creatures found in domestic farms and back yards here.  In fact, he has said he will not ban greyhound racing in Victoria due to the " dramatic change" of training our wonderful trainers here have undergone to redeem themselves even though one of the best trainers in Victoria was caught red handed live baiting his dogs and when discovered, changed their ownership over to his wife's name to avoid prosecution.  He was just one caught doing this at the Tooradin slipping track during the Four Corners investigation.   Apparently all these trainers have undergone a conscience transformation and no longer doing these types of revolting training techniques and managed to convince Daniel Andrews they are totally compliant now after its been shown this has been the norm for the past 40 years,.... yes people,  40 years.  How many poor possums, piglets and cats probably too have endured hours of torture before dying on the end of a lure pole. ?  Most likely, they would still be doing it had they not been caught I think.  So the enquiry the Victorian Government held was so shallow, it has been reported as being so shallow, it did not even scratch the surface by an investigating officer so what does this tell you. ?  Daniel Andrews is so naive, so greedy or so incompetent  or all of these that he thinks everything is fine now because his little enquiry did not find anything too bad that it should result in a ban in this State or for that matter a ban of the people caught doing these abhorrent things.  I wonder how many greyhounds have been  "put down" in Victoria under suspicious circumstances considering racing here is so popular that there are at least 8 greyhound racing tracks in Victoria.  How much money must the Government get from betting proceeds from this sport...?. 

What I need to know is how can an Industry so smeared in cruelty, illegality and cheating be allowed to continue after an investigation into its operation. ?  This Government is about to ban my business just because they made an election promise to a pack of animal activists who told them unsubstantiated lies and gave statistics that were never established to be correct.  There was no investigation by any official persons into my business, no official findings, no nothing, but still, we are going to be banned based on lies and more lies all in the name of vote getting to win the election.  We would have expected that the revised Code of Practice which is considered worlds best practice to have been considered in the scheme of things before they made any decision, but no, no no, its not relevant and Minister Jaala pullford said when asked " what about the new code we have been operating under for the last 12 months"  I DONT CARE, YOU ARE BEING BANNED."... nice to know she put in the hours to investigate the allegations by the activists, made a decision based on facts and said,  " there is nothing we see that would require this industry to be banned".  but she did not, she ignored the submissions put to her, she ignored the facts in those, she refused to even talk to us about it so it goes to show you a couple of things about this current pack of mugs running the State.  All they care about is votes, money and doing what they like, to who ever they like and have no need to answer to anyone.

How can a Government behave so slack in one instance even though the evidence is damning and real in an Industry that is  "self regulating" and so ignorant and self effacing in another that is " Mandatory and legislated through Parliament with a Code of Practice. ?  If you can tell me the answer,  I would love to hear it.  Mean while, we wait to be told we can no longer register dogs with our Council around early next year, and to wind down our business so that we will be looking at having only 10 dogs on our property in 2020.  Ms. Pullford swore she would  " destroy the business model of dog breeders" if it killed her..... so her intentions are very clear it seems,  but the greyhound Industry is powerful and able to sway politicians into believing they are all proper and good and their members are pure and kind.,  easy peasy Japaneasy..... money, money and lies.


Back yard unregulated breeding

I would like you all to see the harm done by Back Yard Breeders (BYB)

Some of these emails are very disturbing

>Comments:  I feel so empty and lost so I found a cavoodle puppy for sale on Gumtree the breeder sold me this puppy for  $2100. The breeder was in perth. I paid for the puppy the puppy was suppose to be flown to sydney then I get a message from a pet courier who was organised by the breeder to bring the puppy to sydney.
> The courier told me that the crate the breeder dropped the puppy off in was not good enough. And they told me that I had to hire one of there thermal crates to transport puppy in. So I paid $500 for the crate. And I was told the fee of $500 would be returned to me when the puppy was transported to me in. Then I got told by the courier that the puppy could not enter sydney cause sge didn't have a puppy permit. The courier told me I had to pay  $185 for such. So I did. Then a day later the courier told me that the puppy had caught parvo and corona virus. And that I had to pay for the said injections. I said no I was not paying anymore money. Now the Courier has emailed me and told me that I need to pay for feeding and kennel stay and then they will deliver the puppy. I have said no. I have asked the breeder and the courier for my money back but they don't seem to be willing to refund my money. I have reported them to the police and to sydney airport quarantine inspectors. The problem is now I am so lost so lonely and I had my whole heart and soul set on buying getting tgis little puppy. Now I have been rorted  out of just under $3 thousand dollars. And no puppy. Please I need your help can you offer me with one of ur puppies

Breeders note : We see this all to often please purchase from a professional ethical breeder with an ABN  and a council DAB