Our Place

We would love all our clients from all around Australia to see why we live where we live. Liz and Larry were both born in Gippsland we have been here on our farm since 1995 and believe its one of the best places in Australia and great for breeding dogs because of the climate. It is not too hot, or too cold but a nice mix of temperate conditions for a typical four seasons of weather. We have our property on a "Dead end" road and this creates a natural quarantine area backed by the banksia forest know as the Mullundung State Forest going back almost 50km behind us. Our natural gully provides seclusion from winds and adverse weather so its never uncomfortably cold or hot for the dogs. Recent upgrades have improved all aspects of the complex and create an ambience for clients who visit us and see the dogs and puppies here.

Some pictures of the nursery and pens, we use heat lamps above the beds to keep puppies warm and happy. The kennels and nursery are all purpose built with Kitchen for food preparation and cleaning, cooling systems, drained for easy wash out and cleaning, with external area's for access.

Large 32sq mt pens half concreted half sand with shade cloth covering colour bond to keep our dogs cool in summer, we have lots of exercise area's some with pools to swim in, some with dirt to dig in, some with grass to roll in and we can throw a ball and play and thats the best part. The lillies on the billabong look great this time of year, and with the concrete paths you will not need your gumboots at the farm. We also have beef cattle on the farm and a pet cow called "Moo".

We all love the new nursery with its easy wash out, the dogs can go in or out as they please with the doggie doors. The outdoor domes are so cool in the summer time too.

We are also proud custodians of a natural wonderland of "big" trees with lovely treefern gully's and running creek. Our largest tree takes 17 giant steps to get around its base..... this we have fenced off and protected for the wildlife which consists of Koalas, Wombats, Kangaroos, Wallabys, Possums,Echidnas,Eagles, all manner of birdlife and reptiles. (I haven't seen the panther yet). Our spring is stocked with trout which we catch and release for fun.

These are views of aspects of our back yard and what the dogs look at during the day time. Its not like a pound and along with their exercise area and pool which is below the domes they get to hear lots of interesting native wildlife and enjoy scenery that most people would crave for. We believe in keeping both body and mind healthy and good care along with our staff who provide enormous help in keeping this place running, ensure all the dogs have a good life here.

This is our winter wonderland. Occasionally, we get snow here and the dogs seem to like it in their cozy kennels and it makes the place look just gorgeous so these shots show those days when it does get cold and snow.

Billabong Play Time

Our Mothers have play time each day in exercise areas to enrich there lives.