Welcome to Billabong Creek Farm 
"Breeders of Quality family Pets" 

Our program of breeding for temperament, soundness and hybrid vigor to ensure your dog’s long term good health. 

We Specialize in Spoodles, which are a hybrid of two purebred dogs of different breeds. Cocker Spaniels, both American and English and other selected spaniels form the preferred crosses to our pure stud Miniature Poodle dogs and compliment each others characteristics to produce a temperament perfectly suited to families and individuals. Their low allergy and low-shed coats make them ideal for indoor/outdoor living and those who suffer medical conditions. 

There are a variety of different crosses we have available to suit just about every taste. Colours vary with litters, so you can choose a colour too. Their coats are wavy but very soft and at times can be flatter without the wave for those wanting this type of coat.

Spoodles are a medium size dog and generally mature to around the 35 to 33cm at the shoulder size, and between 12kg and 15kg but because some Spaniels are a bit bigger than others here, we can breed some that exceed this size and some that are smaller, generally the boys are a little bigger and weigh more than females as well so this needs to be considered. 

We have a lovely range of other    "Oodles"    here as well....... 

Cavoodles are a mix of Cavalier King Charles and Poodle breeding. Pretty smaller types that mature to about 25cm at the shoulder or the same size as a Cavvy. They are gentle, social and come in a great rang of colours too. Great dogs for families and don’t worry about needing too much space for them. 

Moodles are a mix of Maltese and Poodle. These dogs have gorgeous coats of cream to white and some mixed colors too. They are “Totally non shedders" so don’t worry about any hair being found around the house. They grow to about 30cm at the shoulder and are very friendly, robust dogs. 

Schnoodles are a Schnauzer and Poodle mix and are great with families with a small to medium yard and grow to the 30cm mark at the shoulder. Most are salt and pepper and black in color and good doers. 

We breed some small breeds, both pure bred and a good quality selection of crossbreds. Pets for families who have limited space or low maintenance requirements are able to find an ideal companion to suit their lifestyle. 

All pups are Desexed, Microchipped, Vaccinated and Vet checked by our Vet, and together with a 3 year health guarantee, you will also receive a complimentary Sample bag from us from some of our supporters (see supporters links and lots of information on toilet training, meals, sleeping requirments,ect, to help you and your puppy settle into a lifestyle on the right foot.

Pups are microchipped and desexed.  Prices and availability dates are posted in the Puppies for Sale. page
We use Virgin airlines predominately or Qantas,  which fly to all Capital and some regional airports in Australia.  Total frieght costs are FROM $350.00 to all capitals and some reginal airports.  Our options for payment are: Personal Cheque, Bank Cheque, Funds transfer debit/credit to Billabong Creek Farm account, Postal Order and cash. All transactions are receipted. 
Our business is legitimate and registered in the State of Victoria under the Business name of "Billabong Creek Farm". We are registered with the Wellington Shire Council under the animals act of 1994. Our permit is reviewed yearly and we are inspected for compliance with the Local Shire yearly. We operate under the current code of practice for the operation and breeding and rearing establishments under the State of Victoria, Department of Primary Industries. We also have a current Planning permit from the Department of Environment and Planning as part of our overall compliance with the Local Shire. All our permits are available for inspection and are on display as required by Law as is our current fire plan. We also have a contracted Veterinary Service " The Vets" in Sale, Victoria.  Dr Jeremy Mannix and his wife are a great team of professionals and their staff are experts in managing our dogs and puppies care and welfare.

Our Place

We would love all our clients from all around Australia to see why we live where we live. Liz and Larry were both born in Gippsland we have been here on our farm since 1995 and believe its one of the best places in Australia and great for breed...

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Vets in Training

Billabong Creek Farm is pleased to be a training partner with Melbourne University Veterinary department.

Dear Mr and Ms Seear

Thank you for your contribution to the education and training of students in the Faculty of Veterinary Science at The University of Melbourne.

Your willingness to be involved in our extramural program by allowing students to undertake placements at your enterprise provides them with invaluable insight into practical animal management.  Written reports demonstrated an improved understanding of a dog breeding farm after the placement with you.

We look forward to continuing to work with you as we offer our students a broad range of practical experiences throughout their studies to give the Veterinarians of the future the best education possible.

Professor Kenneth W Hinchcliff                   

Dean,  Faculty of Veterinary Science   

Dr Stuart Barber

Lecturer in Animal Production and Welfare                                   

Full Member of the AAPDB

Billabong Creek is a foundation member of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders.

In order to be a full member of this association, we have had to undergo a very comprehensive Vet audit and having passed this audit, which is undertaken annually along with our local Council audit and inspection, we have achieved current best practice and affirmation with both these inspectorates.  The difference between us and purebred associations is that we are not a self regulating body but rather undergo independent inspections and audits so there is avoidance of or suspicion of unethical behaviour from inspectors.

The Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders is also aligned with the Pet Industry Association of Australia ( PIIA),  and accredited with the state of New South Wales giving our breed Association the same recognition by Government as other purebreed associations in that State.  Accreditations are also pending for Queensland and Victoria.